OXO Gourmet Coffee

OXO takes on pour-over coffee with its signature experience and ergonomics. The countertop pairing brings a no-frills experience to prosumers. The hourglass-shaped conical burr grinder creates a uniform grind through a push of a button, while the rigorously-balanced gooseneck kettle unlocks the ground’s full flavor.

Project completed while at Smart Design, 2016
Role: concept and development lead

Grind, with OXO Conical Burr Grinder

Reduced to the premium essentials

OXO was looking to create a prosumer grinder for under $100USD in the competitive market. Our approach was to celebrate the premium conical-burr grinder, while replacing a digital interface and scale component with a timer-based interface. Its contrasting graphics and hourglass profile give a timeless and iconic presence. The design even has a clever cup design, which minimizes mess from static coffee grounds with a one-step transfer.

Spill-free bean hopper with locking mechanism

Brew, with OXO Gooseneck Kettle

Analog kettle with thermometer and convenient digital kettle

Deliberately balanced pivot point for a precise pour

Signature OXO elements for pour-overs

The art of pour-over coffee is about unlocking flavor potentials with a steady water stream. For the pour-over kettle, we co-created with expert baristas from the most acclaimed coffee houses in New York. Together, we identified the optimal spout geometry and balanced handling. Through rigorous prototyping, we arrived at a kettle that measurably surpasses the competition. 

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