HP Spectre X360 Gen 4

Built from a block of aluminum, the X360 is a handsomely chiseled technical marvel. Its form factor sets the standard as the halo archetype for the rest of HP’s convertible portfolio.

Project completed while at HP, 2017
Role: exploration and development lead

Award: iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award, Good Design Australia


Democratizing metal-crafting techniques

For the fourth generation of the bestselling convertible laptop, we set out to achieve watchmaking precision. No details were too small. The material properties and machining processes were pushed to the limit, as some of the most stringent specs in the industry. The rectangular housings are reduced to minimal outer shapes— efficiently packaging the technology inside and keeping overall footprint to a minimum. The design language and focal point is placed at the chiseled rear of the laptop, with polished stainless-steel caps to elevate the premium appeal.

0.5mm machined inner edges, 0.3mm stainless steel caps, and 0.1mm laser-etched inner corners

Designed for fluid rotation

The X360 demands holistic design in all usage modes: clamshell, tent, presentation, and tablet. Every element of the design was considered with restraint and quality in mind. The laptop is sculpted from a block of aluminum with undercut to minimize parting lines. Its subtle curvature on the palm-rest to add comfort, while flush hinge caps in closed and tablet mode to avoid sharp edges. The most challenging task of designing a convertible laptop is in its hinge rotation. Its difficulty is magnified by the X360’s triangular rear profile. For a smooth, steady motion from mode to mode, we used geared cam design to achieve perfect synchronization. The result is a sturdy hinge with exceptionally fluid movement.

Portable 13” and performance-driven 15” form factors

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