HP Spectre Laptop

HP’s premium flagship laptop combines design ingenuity and production innovation. It embodies several industry-first processes, including ceramic-white AED finish, hidden piano hinge, and carbon fiber chassis laser etched with over 2000 vents. It’s also the world’s thinnest touch laptop.

Project completed while at HP, 2017
Role: exploration and development lead
Awards: iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award, Good Design Australia, G-Mark Award, IDEA Bronze Award


Unibody aluminum and carbon fiber chassis crafted to be lightweight and robust

Creating the world’s thinnest touch laptop

At 10.4mm, HP’s first Spectre Laptop claimed the title of the world’s thinnest laptop. This second generation model retained the same thickness, but we scoured for user feedback and resolved the top pain-point. Higher performance, longer battery life, and cooler operating temperature, all while still continuing to elevate the design.

Filling every crevasse to minimize size, such as HP’s first step-cell batttery

Innovative hidden vents with hyperbolic airflow to maximize performance

Pushing boundaries on production

Uncompromised for premium quality, perhaps the most challenging process was also the least visible. Over 2000 micro-square openings were etched through the bottom carbon-fiber cover to create a clean visual texture over the thermal vent. We also treated the metal surface with industry-first white AED coating to improve its longevity and texture. Traditionally, white has been applied to metal through spray painting, which has poor durability and tactile feeling.

Mock-ups in various material fidelities to iterate on each design element

Industry-first Advanced Electro Deposition coating rigorously tuned to fuse paint and metal

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