HP Pagewide Enterprise

The world’s fastest ink printer reimagined to meet enterprise demands. Its task-oriented plinth architecture integrates tablet-like interface with effortless paper retrieval.

Project completed while at HP, 2016
Role: concept and development co-lead

Sculptural plinth designed for task velocity

The PageWide series MFP charts new territory into the A3 copier market, creating an iconic statement around simplicity in the age of mobility and cloud. Designed for task velocity, the focal point of the device is an tablet interface. The control panel surface flows into an oversized scanbed and automatic stack-scanner. The PageWide MFP’s solid state form factor exudes smartphone-class craftsmanship, uniting customer expectations around consumerization of IT. The thoughtful design goes beyond the exterior, diving deep into the product with 500-pages of reserve printing to make “out of ink” emergencies a thing of the past.

Serving tray stacks the pages and extends out for quick retrieval

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