HP Laserjet Refresh

The new iconic lineup is designed for the new work space. Its optimized size and visual simplicity combine progressive beauty with market-leading functionality.

Credits: HP, 2014 / Role: design language and project lead Awards: iF Design Award, Red Dot Best of the Best, G-Mark Award


“Perfectly implemented purism.
Progressive aesthetics.
Each detail is consistently honed.”
— Red Dot Jury

First award-winning Laserjet lineup in 30 years

Three years in the making, the 2015 LaserJet portfolio earned multiple awards, including Red Dot Best of the Best. In its inception, CEO Meg Whitman called for unification across HP's GBUs, and thus kickstarted concept visioning with Native Design. We took a seed of inspiration and created the entire portfolio consisting of personal desktop printer to floor-standing work-horses. Product footprint was a key differentiator in this mature market. Working with R&D, we reduced the volume by 30% and earned several utility patents, such as edge-to-edge scanner glass bezel.

Trend-based design approach

We created trend landscapes to ensure physical and digital experiences will be relevant in its lifecycle – laser printers typically take three years to develop, and has a life of five to eight years. I lead the form-factor language research and trend curve creation, as well as the unification of design elements across the lineup. Through our development, we created minimal and light-colored devices based on the growing open-plan office space. Design cues were taken from our trend research to mix progressive trends and timeless trends. This allows the design to feel familiar yet fresh.