Forecasting Form Factor

Form Forecast is a research platform that tracks and anticipates design language trends. It evolved from my trend research method at HP, to visualize mental categories of design aesthetics and to aid in making informed styling decisions. The website was live from 2016 to 2019.

Independent project, 2016

Analyzing form language movements

Form Forecast curates design works to synthesis and search for commonalities. Trend relevancy is based on frequency (how often appears) and origin (who and where it was developed). Like fashion, industrial design trends follow a cycle that is constantly growing and updating itself. The mission is to provide signposts to help users create future-forward products. The focus is on near-term practical forecasting, with trends that are present in the media today, often stemming from the latest awards and blogs.

Form forecast map illustrates developing seed trends and long lasting movements

Form Forecast annual report highlights design mega-movements

34 tracked trends are documented through pinterest-like board

(Deactivated as of 12/2019)

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